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Stephan Zethner – General manager –


In January 1994, Stephan Zethner, the present Managing Director, founded a family business, the SZ Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG in Dusseldorf. He began his career with a holiday job at LTU, today’s Air Berlin, in Dusseldorf, one of the largest German aviation companies at that time. In the area of materials management there were the first points of contact for him even at this stage with MIL/AERO connectors, crimp tools and cables for the aviation industry. Fascinating insights about their use in aircraft and the enthusiasm for electronics, aerospace and technology led him to one of the leading manufacturers of connectors for aviation and aerospace, the French company Souriau Electric GmbH. Through local apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and continuous training, he learned the connectors ABC from the outset. More and more he extended his product knowledge through the acquisition and the merger of the connector manufacturers Souriau, Burndy, Connectral and Jupiter to Framatome Connectors International / FCI.

After 10 years at Souriau, Berg, Burndy, Jupiter, Connectral and FCI in the areas of marketing, sales and product management Stephan Zethner moved on to a new challenge in 1994. His aim was the founding of an own company, providing a perfect balance of the best connection solutions using the diversity of all connector manufacturers combined with short-term deliveries. Preferrably from own stock, otherwise within a few hours. Here we trust for many years on the high-quality products and great support of manufacturers and partners such as Amphenol, Berg, Binder, Burndy, DMC, FCI, Glenair, Harting, Harwin, ITT Cannon, JST, Molex, Preh, Radiall, Souriau, Tyco, and Veam. No matter whether we should supply on short-term notice high-quality MIL/Aero connectors, backshells, circular connectors, rectangular connectors, crimping tools, MIL crimping pliers, heat-shrinkable molded parts, heat shrink tubing or ready-made cable assemblies.

At SZ Elektronik we place great emphasis on long-term, trusting and fair customer and supplier relations. We work closely with many domestic and international customers and suppliers since the company was founded 22 years ago.

Under the direction of the company founder Stephan Zethner and his expert team SZ Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG has developed to one of the best and fastest in the industry. With our experience, expertise and logistics, we mostly find solutions for fast and optimal connections­– even when cable assemblies were ordered at short notice and have to be shipped on the same day.