MIL-C-85049 Backshells

Backshells M85049, AS85049, MIL-DTL-85049

AS85049 Backshells to MIL connectors from stock  

Adapter and Backshell for MIL-connectors
SZ Elektronik’s MIL connector express service stands for fast deliveries of different MIL/Aero connectors, such as M85049 / AS85049 nackshells, MIL-DTL-39029 / AS39029 crimp contacts, VG  and MIL standardized flange gaskets, protective caps and blind sockets. By a decision of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) the order numbers of the backshells M85049 were changed to AS85049. The order code for the rest of the numbers at AS85049 remains as previously received with M85049.

Adapters and cable clamps for MIL connectors
The warehousing of SZ Elektronik includes backshells, and backshells as cable clamps for strain relief. We supply quickly different band adapters for straight connectors, band adapters for angled connectors, single cone adapters, double cone adapters, housing end adapters, quick clamps, adapters for shrink moldings and heat shrink tubing. These products are suited for seals, leaking one, shielded and unshielded applications. In addition, we offer backshells as customised special solutions.

Manufacturers of MIL backshells
Amphenol, Glenair, ITT Cannon, Souriau / Sunbank

Backshells by Glenair for MIL connectors from stock
SZ Elektronik delivers M85049 / AS85049 backshells often from local stock or within a short time. SZ Elektronik provides the complete range of backshells for MIL connectors according to MIL-C-26482 I, MIL-C-26482 II, MIL-C-38999 I, MIL-C-38999 II, MIL-C-38999 III, MIL-C-38999 IIII, MIL-C-5015 and MIL-C-83723 III.

Application areas of M85049 / AS85049 backshells
In the civil and military aviation, the MIL backshells to MIL circular connectors and MIL rectangular connectors according to MIL, VG, MS, PAN, ABS, BACC, ASN, EN, and ESC standards are used in aircrafts, helicopters, trains, ships.

Applications of M85049 / AS85049 backshells
MIL backshells are applied in communication systems, cabin equipment, lighting, sensors for pressure and temperature, radar devices, chassis, data control systems, and on-board computers.

Heat shrinkable tubing and heat shrinkable molded parts for M85049 / AS85049 Backshells
SZ Elektronik supplies aviation-licensed heat shrink tubing of standard VG95343, straight VG95343 heat shrink moldings and angled VG95343 shrink moldings. These heat shrink tubings and shrink parts, according to the defence equipment standard VG95343, meet the highest security standards and are available from us, often from stock or within a few days.

Cable assemblies for the aviation
Are you searching for a cable assembly manufacturer, which assembles MIL connectors, MIL backshells and MIL cables for applications in the military technology? Then you are right with us! We are the cable assembly with almost 20 years of experience and produce cable assemblies according to your needs with different connectors and cables.

Typical order numbers of MIL Backshhells are

M85049/14S-09W, M85049/18-11W03A, M85049/18-25W07A, M85049/27-10W, M85049/27-14W, M85049/27-20W, M85049/28-1, M85049/31-10W, M85049/31-12W, M85049/31-18W, M85049/31-20W, M85049/31-22W, M85049/38-09N, M85049/38-09W, M85049/38-11N, M85049/38-11W, M85049/38-13N, M85049/38-13W, M85049/38-15N, M85049/38-15W, M85049/38-17N, M85049/38-17W, M85049/38-19N, M85049/38-19W, M85049/38-21N, M85049/38-21W, M85049/38-23N, M85049/38-23W, M85049/38-25N, M85049/38-25W, M85049/38S09N, M85049/38S09W, M85049/38S11N, M85049/38S11W, M85049/38S13N, M85049/38S13W, M85049/38S15N, M85049/38S15W, M85049/38S17N, M85049/38S17W, M85049/38S19N, M85049/38S19W, M85049/38S21N, M85049/38S21W, M85049/38S23N, M85049/38S23W, M85049/38S25N, M85049/38S25W, M85049/39S09N, M85049/39S09W, M85049/39S11N, M85049/39S11W, M85049/39S13N, M85049/39S13W, M85049/39S15N, M85049/39S15W, M85049/39S17N, M85049/39S17W, M85049/39S19N, M85049/39S19W, M85049/39S21N, M85049/39S21W, M85049/39S23N, M85049/39S23W, M85049/39S25N, M85049/39S25W, M85049/41-8A, M85049/47N12, M85049/47N24, M85049/47SW08, M85049/47SW10, M85049/47SW12, M85049/47SW14, M85049/47SW16, M85049/47SW18, M85049/47SW20, M85049/47SW22, M85049/47SW24, M85049/47W10, M85049/48-1-1F, M85049/48-1-2F, M85049/48-1-3F, M85049/48-1-4F, M85049/48-1-5F, M85049/48-2-1F, M85049/48-2-2F, M85049/48-2-3F, M85049/48-2-4F, M85049/48-2-5F, M85049/48-3-4F, M85049/48-3-5F, M85049/49-2-08W, M85049/49-2-10N, M85049/49-2-10W, M85049/49-2-12W, M85049/49-2-14W, M85049/49-2-16N, M85049/49-2-16W, M85049/49-2-18W, M85049/49-2-20W, M85049/49-2-22W, M85049/49-2-24W, M85049/49-2S08W, M85049/49-2S10W, M85049/49-2S12W, M85049/49-2S14W, M85049/49-2S16W, M85049/49-2S18W, M85049/49-2S20W, M85049/49-2S22W, M85049/49-2S24W, M85049/50-2F, M85049/51-1-08N, M85049/51-1-08W, M85049/51-1-10N, M85049/51-1-10W, M85049/51-1-12N, M85049/51-1-12W, M85049/51-1-14N, M85049/51-1-14W, M85049/51-1-16N, M85049/51-1-16W, M85049/51-1-18N, M85049/51-1-18W, M85049/51-1-20N, M85049/51-1-20W, M85049/51-1-22N, M85049/51-1-22W, M85049/51-1-24N, M85049/51-1-24W, M85049/51S08W, M85049/51S10A, M85049/51S10W, M85049/51S12W, M85049/51S14A, M85049/51S14W, M85049/51S16W, M85049/51S18W, M85049/51S20W, M85049/51S22N, M85049/51S22W, M85049/51S24W, M85049/52-1-08N, M85049/52-1-08W, M85049/52-1-10N, M85049/52-1-10W, M85049/52-1-12A, M85049/52-1-12N, M85049/52-1-12W, M85049/52-1-14N, M85049/52-1-14W, M85049/52-1-16N, M85049/52-1-16W, M85049/52-1-18N, M85049/52-1-18W, M85049/52-1-20N, M85049/52-1-20W, M85049/52-1-22N, M85049/52-1-22W, M85049/52-1-24N, M85049/52-1-24W, M85049/52-1-28W, M85049/52-1-32W, M85049/52S08N, M85049/52S08W, M85049/52S10N, M85049/52S10W, M85049/52S12N, M85049/52S12W, M85049/52S14N, M85049/52S14W, M85049/52S16N, M85049/52S16W, M85049/52S18N, M85049/52S18W, M85049/52S20W, M85049/52S22N, M85049/52S22W, M85049/52S24W, M85049/52S28W, M85049/52S32W, M85049/52S36W, M85049/53-08W, M85049/53-10W, M85049/53-12W, M85049/53-14W, M85049/53-16W, M85049/53-18W, M85049/53-20W, M85049/53-22W, M85049/53-24W, M85049/55-08W, M85049/55-10W, M85049/55-12W, M85049/55-14W, M85049/55-16W, M85049/55-18W, M85049/55-20W, M85049/55-22W, M85049/55-24W, M85049/56-08W, M85049/56-10W, M85049/56-12W, M85049/56-14W, M85049/56-16W, M85049/56-18W, M85049/56-20W, M85049/56-22W, M85049/56-24W, M85049/60-1W08, M85049/60-1W10, M85049/60-1W12, M85049/60-1W14, M85049/60-1W16, M85049/60-1W18, M85049/60-1W20, M85049/60-1W22, M85049/60-1W24, M85049/60-1W28, M85049/60-1W32, M85049/60-1W36, M85049/60-2G08W, M85049/60-2G10W, M85049/60-2G12W, M85049/60-2G14W, M85049/62-08W, M85049/62-10W, M85049/62-12W, M85049/62-14W, M85049/62-16W, M85049/62-18W, M85049/62-20W, M85049/62-22W, M85049/62-24W, M85049/62-24WD, M85049/63-08W, M85049/63-10W, M85049/63-12W, M85049/63-14W, M85049/63-16W, M85049/63-18W, M85049/63-20W, M85049/63-22W, M85049/63-24W, M85049/63S08W, M85049/69-09N, M85049/69-09W, M85049/69-11N, M85049/69-11W, M85049/69-13W, M85049/69-15W, M85049/69-17W, M85049/69-19W, M85049/69-21W, M85049/69-23W, M85049/69-25W, M85049/80-12, M85049/80-8, M85049/82-08N03, M85049/82-08W03, M85049/82-10N03, M85049/82-10W03, M85049/82-12N02, M85049/82-12N03, M85049/82-12W02, M85049/82-12W03, M85049/82-14N03, M85049/82-14W02, M85049/82-14W03, M85049/82-16N03, M85049/82-16W03, M85049/82-18N03, M85049/82-18W03, M85049/82-20N03, M85049/82-20W02, M85049/82-20W03, M85049/82-22N03, M85049/82-22W03, M85049/82-24N03, M85049/82-24W03, M85049/82-28W03, M85049/84-08W03, M85049/84-10N03, M85049/84-10W03, M85049/84-12N03, M85049/84-12W02, M85049/84-12W03, M85049/84-14N03, M85049/84-14W03, M85049/84-16N03, M85049/84-16W03, M85049/84-18W03, M85049/84-20W03, M85049/84-22W03, M85049/84-24W03, M85049/84-28W03, M85049/85-08W02, M85049/85-10N02, M85049/85-10W02, M85049/85-12W01, M85049/85-12W02, M85049/85-14N01, M85049/85-14W01, M85049/85-14W02, M85049/85-16N01, M85049/85-16W01, M85049/85-16W02, M85049/85-18W01, M85049/85-18W02, M85049/85-20W01, M85049/85-20W02, M85049/85-22W01, M85049/85-22W02, M85049/85-24N01, M85049/85-24W01, M85049/85-24W02, M85049/87-08W03, M85049/87-10W03, M85049/87-12W03, M85049/87-14W03, M85049/87-16W03, M85049/87-18W03, M85049/88-09N03, M85049/88-11N03, M85049/88-11W03, M85049/88-13N03, M85049/88-13W02, M85049/88-13W03, M85049/88-15N03, M85049/88-15W02, M85049/88-15W03, M85049/88-17N03, M85049/88-17W02, M85049/88-17W03, M85049/88-19N03, M85049/88-19W02, M85049/88-19W03, M85049/88-21N03, M85049/88-21W02, M85049/88-21W03, M85049/88-23N03, M85049/88-23W02, M85049/88-23W03, M85049/88-25N03, M85049/88-25W02, M85049/88-25W03, M85049/8-8N, M85049/89-15W03, M85049/90-09N03, M85049/90-09W03, M85049/90-11W03, M85049/90-13N03, M85049/90-13W02, M85049/90-13W03, M85049/90-15N03, M85049/90-15W02, M85049/90-15W03, M85049/90-17N02, M85049/90-17W02, M85049/90-17W03, M85049/90-19W03, M85049/90-21W03, M85049/90-23W03, M85049/90-25W03, M85049/91-13T, M85049/91-15T, M85049/91-17T, M85049/91-19T, M85049/91-23T, M85049/92-13T, M85049/92-15T, M85049/92-17T, M85049/93-04, M85049/93-06, M85049/93-08, M85049/93-10, M85049/93-12, M85049/93-14, M85049/93-16, M85049/93-18, M85049/93-20, M85049/93-22, M85049/93-24

Delivery times
As a rule, direct from stock or within one week

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