D38999 III Amphenol

MIL-C-38999 series III: D38999-connectors available from stock or on short notice

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The D38999-connectors have been developed to meet the high demands of the aviation industry. Connectors of series MIL-C-38999 III are characterised by weight-reduced and space-saving constructions. With composite connectors, a weight reduction of 17-40% compared to aluminium, and of 60-70% compared to stainless steel can be achieved. Available in 9 different shapes of housings and equipped with up to 128 potential contacts the D38999-connectors provide excellent electrical and mechanical properties. The following contacts could be used with D38999-connectors: Crimp contacts, solder contacts, PCB-contacts, wire wrap contacts, Coax contacts, Twinax contacts, Triax contacts, Thermocouple contacts, fibre optic contacts, filtre contacts.

The D38999 circular connectors are available with housing shapes as listed below:

  • D38999/20: Flange receptacle
  • D38999/24: Jam nut receptacle
  • D38999/26: plug RFI

No. of contacts: 1 to 128 poles
Operating temperature range: -65°C bis +200°C

SZ Elektronik supply D38999-connectors of series MIL-C-38999 III from stock or within 1 week.

Amphenol (TV / CTV), Souriau (8D)

Military standard
MIL-C-38999 III, MIL-DTL-38999 III


Application areas
General aviation, The military, Research, Aerospace, Manufacturing industry

Crimp tools for D38999-connectors available from stock
The crimp contacts are to be processed with crimp pliers M22520/1-01, M22520/2-01 or M22520/7-01. SZ Elektronik supply crimp pliers M22520/1-01, M22520/2-01, M22520/7-01 from stock, as well as all suitable positioners, insertion and extraction tools for pin and socket contacts.

Heat shrink moulded parts for D38999-connectors available from stock
SZ Elektronik supply these heat shrink moulded parts including or excluding hotmelt adhesive from stock or within 48 hours. We recommand heatshrink moulded shapes according to VG95343 of manufacturer Tyco / Raychem, series 202K and 222K, respectively.

Examples of ordering designations
Plug, pin D38999/26WB35SN, D38999/26WA35PN, D38999/26WB35PN, D38999/26WA35SN, D38999/26WB98PN, D38999/26WB98SN, D38999/26WD35SN, D38999/26WD35PN, D38999/26WE35SN, D38999/26WE35PN

Flange receptacle, socket D38999/20WB35SN, D38999/20WA35PN, D38999/20WB35PN, D38999/20WA35SN, D38999/20WB98PN, D38999/20WB98SN, D38999/20WD35SN, D38999/20WD35PN, D38999/20WE35SN, D38999/20WE35PN,

Jam nut receptacle, socket D38999/24WB35SN, D38999/24WA35PN, D38999/24WB35PN, D38999/24WA35SN, D38999/24WB98PN, D38999/24WB98SN, D38999/24WD35SN, D38999/24WD35PN, D38999/24WE35SN, D38999/24WE35PN

Delivery time
From stock or within 1 week

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