Prüfdorne Gage

M22520 Gage for M22520 crimping pliers

Gages for M22520 and DMC crimping pliers

SZ Elektronik is the specialist for MIL/Aero crimping tools. We hold on stock M22520 manual crimping pliers, pneumatic crimping tools, hydraulic crimping tools, M22520 crimp inserts / positioners, M81969 insertion tools and M81969 extraction tools for professional processing of almost all MIL/Aero connectors. SZ Elektronik also supplies the mandatory gages for each M22520 crimping tool and any other crimping pliers specified by DMC. With the gage the basic settings can be checked and readjusted. The gages for M22520 crimping pliers by DMC are not included and must be ordered separately.

Gages from stock
Each DMC gage provides for the proper setting on the DMC manual crimping pliers. Thus, the M39029 crimp contacts of the MIL/Aero connectors and all other crimp contacts can be processed easily, safely and properly.

Order numbers for DMC gages
We supply many gages for M22520 crimping pliers from stock. The gages can be ordered under the following order numbers
G150, G155, G160, G165, G180, G185, G188, G190, G191, G192, G197, G208, G324, G325, G326, G411, G524, G668, G691, G700, G702

delivery times
as a rule, direct from stock or at a very short delivery

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