M22520_7-01 und 86_37

Crimping plier M22520/7-01 and positioner 86-37

M22520/7-01 ex stock for 279,- Euro

Ordered today – crimped tomorrow. SZ Elektronik sells the manual crimping pliers M22520/7-01 / MH860 ex stock at unbeatable discount prices, again and again. The catalogue number by Daniels Manufacturing / DMC for the „green crimping pliers“ is MH860.

Crimping with crimping pliers M22520/7-01
The DMC manual crimping pliers M22520/7-01 or MH860 is suitable for crimping of turned pin contacts and socket contacts. The crimping depth can be adjusted in 8 sizes for the contact sizes 20 to 28 and for the cable cross-sections AWG 20 to AWG 32, i.e. from 0.08 up to 1.3 mm2.

Application areas of the manual crimping pliers M22520/7-01
The crimping pliers M22520/7-01 / MH860  is mainly used for crimping in the fields of aviation, aerospace, military, medical, process measuring, control systems, auto racing, marine and rail.

Positioners for crimping pliers M22520/7-01
All Positioners for the M22520 manual crimping pliers must be ordered separately. Daniels Manufacturing / DMC offers many positioners for the crimping pliers M22520/7-01 / MH860, allowing the processing of MIL contacts M39029 and vendor-specific contacts by Burndy. We will advise and deliver mostly all positioners for the crimping pliers M22520/7-01 / MH860 from stock. We recommend the universal positioner 86-37, with which many different crimp contacts can be processed.

Ther order numbers of the positioners for the crimping pliers
M22520/7-01 / MH860 are M22520/7-02, M22520/7-03, M22520/7-03, M22520/7-04, M22520/7-05, M22520/7-06, M22520/7-07, M22520/7-08, M22520/7-09, M22520/7-10, M22520/7-11, M22520/7-12, M225020/7-13 and 86-1S, 86-2, 86-3, 86-4, 86-5, 86-6, 86-7, 86-11S, 86-12S, 86-19, 86-20, 86-21 respectively, and 86-37 for the universal positioner.

Gauge for M22520/7-01
The gauge M22520/3-3 is used to check the basic settings using Go-NoGo. The gauge M22520/3-3 is not included and must be ordered separately. SZ Elektronik delivers the gauge M22520/3-3 ex stock.

Following crimp contacts can be crimped with M22520/7-01
With the crimping pliers M22520/7-01 / MH860 you can crimp contacts of Amphenol, Burndy, ITT Cannon, Harwin, Harting, Souriau, Tyco / TE Connectivity, and Veam.

delivery times
As a rule, direct from stock or at a very short delivery

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