M22520_1-01 Crimpzange

Crimping plier M22520/1-01 and locator M22520/1-02

M22520/1-01 / AF8 for a special price of 279,- Euro ex stock 

Order today – tomorrow already delivered. SZ Elektronik delivers the manual crimping pliers M22520/ 1-01 in small and large quantities from stock. The special manual crimping pliers of standard M22520 comes as M22520/1-01 and as catalogue number AF8 by DMC. The M22520/1-01 or AF8 crimping pliers is known as the „large blue crimping pliers“ whereas the M22520/2-01 or AFM8 is often called the „small blue crimping pliers“.

Crimping with the crimping pliers M22520/1-01
The DMC manual crimping pliers M22520/1-01 or AF8 is suitable for crimping of turned pins and socket contacts. In this special crimping pliers, you can adjust the crimping depth in 8 sizes. The crimping pliers M22520/1-01 or AF8 is suitable for the processing of contact sizes 12 to 22 and for wire cross sections AWG 12 to AWG 26, i.e. from 0.14 to 3.3 mm2.

Areas of application of the manual crimping pliers M22520/1-01
The crimping pliers M22520/1-01 is primarily used for crimping in aviation, aerospace, military, medical, process measuring, control systems, auto racing, marine and railway technology.

Positioners for crimping pliers M22520/1-01
For all M22520 manual crimping pliers, the positioners must be ordered separately. Daniels Manufacturing / DMC offers many positioners suitable for the crimping pliers M22520/1-01 allowing the crimping of MIL contacts M39029 and also of vendor-specific contacts by Harting and Harwin. We will advise and deliver all positioners for the crimping pliers M22520/1-01 from stock or at short notice.

The order numbers of the positioners for the crimping pliers
M22520/1-02, M22520/1-03, M22520/1-04, M22520/1-05, M22520/1-06, M22520/1-07, M22520/1-08, M22520/1-09, M22520/1-10, M22520/1-11, M22520/1-12, M22520/1-13, M22520/1-14, M22520/1-15, M22520/1-16, M22520/1-17, and correspond to DMC order numbers TH1A, TH4, TH163, UH2-5, TP45, TP85, TH199S, TP360, TP365, TP465, TH270, TH285, TH286, TP485, TP513 and TP651.

Crimp contacts for signal connectors and power connectors manufactured by Coninvers, Hypertac, Intercontec, and Phoenix can be processed with the pliers M22520/1-01, but require proprietary positioners.

Gauge for M22520/1-01
With the gauge M22520/3-1 you adjust the basic settings using Go-NoGo. The gauge M22520/3-1 must be ordered separately and we supply from stock.

Following crimp contacts can be crimped with M22520/1-01
Crimp contacts of Amphenol, Coninvers, ITT Cannon, Harwin, Harting, Intercontec, Hypertac, Phoenix Contact, Souriau, Tyco / TE Connectivity and Veam can be crimped with the crimping pliers M22520/1-01 / AF8.

delivery times
as a rule, direct from stock or at a very short delivery

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