Hermetik Steckverbinder

Hermetic connector, MS3449 from Amphenol

851 und 8525-Hermetic connectors from Souriau

SZ Elektronik is your supplier for hermetic connectors approved to MIL, ESC, EN, and NAS. Hermetic connectors are based on a glass-metal sealing technology, with high reliability at an affordable price. Hermetically sealed connectors are suitable for applications in the most extreme environments and assure maximum protect from liquids, moisture, dirt, dust and pressure differences.

SZ Elektronik offers highly specialized connection systems for customers from the military, aerospace, and engeneering industry on a very good price/performance ratio. These include also hermetic connectors, which we can supply as hermetic circular connectors and hermetic rectangular connectors, as a standard, and often quickly.

Hermetic circular connectors
SZ Elektronik is your fast supplier for hermetic circular connectors of series 8525, MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-5015, MIL-DTL-83723, EN2997, and ESC10 of Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Souriau and TE Connectivity.

Hermetic rectangular connectors
We’re also your fast supplier for hermetic rectangular connectors, such as hermetic D-Sub connectors according to MIL-DTL-24308, hermetic Micro-D connectors according to MIL-DTL-83515, and hermetic rack panel connectors according to MIL-DTL- 28748, of market leaders Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Positronic, Souriau and TE Connectivity.

Manufacturers of hermetic connectors
Amphenol, Harting, ITT Cannon, Positronic, Souriau

Application areas of hermetic connectors
Hermetically sealed connectors are used in civil and military projects. Typical areas of application for hermetic connectors are aerospace, military, defense, marine, oil, mining, medicine, energy technology, environmental engineering.

Applications of hermetic connectors and cable assemblies with hermetic connectors:
vehicles, submarines, satellites, oil rigs, nuclear power plants, ships, medical devices, navigation devices

Seals and O-rings for hermetic connectors
SZ Elektronik supply special O-rings and flange seals for hermetic connectors. These O-rings and flange seals can be made individually after request of Viton, neoprene and silicone.

Cable assemblies with hermetically sealed connectors:
You’re looking for a cable manufacturer supplying ready-made hermetically sealed connectors and cables? Then you are right with us! We are the cable assembly manufacturer with almost 20 years of experience and supply cable assemblies according to your needs with various hermetic connectors, special seals and cables.

Order numbers for hermetic connectors
851IH8-3AP50, 851IH8-98P50, 851IH8-33P50, 851IH8-4P50, 851IH10-6P50, 851IH12-3P50, 851IH12-8P50, 851IH12-10P50, 851IH14-5P50, 851IH14-12P50, 851IH14-15P50, 851IH14-19P50, 851IH16-8P50, 85102H16-26P50, 85102H18-32P50, 85102H20-39P50, 85102H20-41P50, 85102H22-55P50, 85102H24-61P50, 85102H8-3AP50, 85102H8-98P50, 85102H8-33P50, 85102H8-4P50, 85102H10-6P50, 85102H12-3P50, 85102H12-8P50, 85102H12-10P50, 85102H14-5P50, 85102H14-12P50, 85102H14-15P50, 85102H14-19P50, 85102H16-8P50, 85102H16-26P50, 85102H18-32P50, 85102H20-39P50, 85102H20-41P50, 85102H22-55P50, 85102H24-61P50, 85107H8-3AP50, 85107H8-98P50, 85107H8-33P50, 85107H8-4P50, 85107H10-6P50, 85107H12-3P50, 85107H12-8P50, 85107H12-10P50, 85107H14-5P50, 85107H14-12P50, 85107H14-15P50, 85107H14-19P50, 85107H16-8P50, 85107H16-26P50, 85107H18-32P50, 85107H20-39P50, 85107H20-41P50, 85107H22-55P50, 85107H24-61P50, 852502H10B6PNH, 852502H10B6PWH, 852502H12B3PNH, 852502H14B19PWH, 852502H16B26PNH 852502H20B41PNH, 852507H10B6PNH, 852507H10B6PWH, 852507H12B3PNH, 852507H14B19PWH, 852507H16B26PNH 852507H20B41PNH, PT02H16-26P50, PT02H18-32P50, PT02H20-39P50, PT02H20-41P50, PT02H22-55P50, PT02H24-61P50, PT02H8-3AP50, PT02H8-98P50, PT02H8-33P50, PT02H8-4P50, PT02H10-6P50, PT02H12-3P50, PT02H12-8P50, PT02H12-10P50, PT02H14-5P50, PT02H14-12P50, PT02H14-15P50, PT02H14-19P50, PT02H16-8P50, PT02H16-26P50, PT02H18-32P50, PT02H20-39P50, PT02H20-41P50, PT02H22-55P50, PT02H24-61P50, PT07H8-3AP50, PT07H8-98P50, PT07H8-33P50, PT07H8-4P50, PT07H10-6P50, PT07H12-3P50, PT07H12-8P50, PT07H12-10P50, PT07H14-5P50, PT07H14-12P50, PT07H14-15P50, PT07H14-19P50, PT07H16-8P50, PT07H16-26P50, PT07H18-32P50, PT07H20-39P50, PT07H20-41P50, PT07H22-55P50, PT07H24-61P50-10P, MS3449H16-26P, MS3449H20-41P, MS3113H10C6P, MS3113H14C15P, MS3113H14C19P, MS3113H16C26P, MS3113H18C32P, MS3113H22C55P, MS3114H10C6P, MS3114H14C15P, MS3114H14C19P, MS3114H16C26P, MS3114H18C32P, MS3114H22C55P

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