D-Sub Zubeho¨r Hauben-1

D-Sub hoods from FCT, Provertha, Souriau

D-Sub hoods and locking systems from stock 

D-Sub connectors are preferably used as interface connectors. In these cases, the D-Sub connectors are partially exposed to large mechanical stress. To prevent mismating, errors by damage to unprotected contacts, ripping off of cables, and the influence of electromagnetic radiation, we offer a wide range of accessories.

D-Sub accessories from stock
SZ Elektronik delivers in short term 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50-pin D-Sub HF-tight metal hoods with strain relief, D-Sub plastic hoods with strain relief, metallized plastic hoods with integrated locking, one-piece plastic hoods with straight and angled cable outlet. We offer locking bolts, locking tabs, slide latches and lever locks. We supply appropriate D-Sub plastic protective caps for D-Sub male connectors and D-Sub female connectors. The accessory fits to the standard models and the MIL-D-Sub connectors. Order numbers for D-Sub Hoods are 86303637BLF, 86303638BLF, 86303639BLF, 86303640BLF, 863093C09ALF, 863093C15ALF, 863093C25ALF, 863093C37ALF, 863093C50ALF, 863093C09MLF, 863093C15MLF, 863093C25MLF, 863093C37MLF and 863093C50MLF.

D-Sub connectors from stock
SZ Elektronik offers 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50-pin D-Sub connectors of FCI, Harting, and TE Connectivity as standard versions for soldering and crimping. In addition: D-Sub high density connectors, D-Sub filter connectors, D-Sub mixed pole connectors, D-Sub connectors in SMD technology and D-Sub connectors in press-fit technology. Even more, we are the expert for D-Sub connectors developed for the military and the aerospace. D-Sub connectors by Souriau and ITT Cannon according to international standards NF C 93425, MIL-C-24308, HE501, HE507 and HE508 are supplied by SZ Elektronik often from stock or at very short notice – particularly, Souriau connectors 8630.09P, 8630.09S, SEMA09PN, SEMA09PLN, 8630,15P, 8630.15S, 8630.25P, 8630.25S, 8630.37P, 8630.37S, 8630.50P and 8630.50S

Manufactures of D-Sub accessories
Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Souriau, Phoenix Contact, TE Connectivity

Application areas for Sub-D connector accessories
In civil and military aviation, the defense technology and aerospace D-Sub connectors according to MIL-DTL-24308, HE501, HE507 and HE508 ensure secure connections in aircrafts, helicopters and missiles. Standard D-Sub connectors are used in data technology, telecommunications, computer technology, general engineering, measurement, and control technology.

Applications for Sub-D accessories
MIL-D-Sub connectors according to MIL-C24308 of SZ Elektronik are used in aerospace technology, communication systems, cabin equipment, lighting, measuring equipment for pressure and temperature, radar devices, data control, and on-board computers. Standard D-Sub connectors can be found on computers, telecommunications equipment, controllers, measuring instruments and construction machinery.

Crimping tools for D-Sub connectors
For crimping of D-Sub MIL contacts M39029 and D-Sub standard contacts you’ll need the crimping pliers M22520/1-01, M22520/2-01, M22520/7-01, and the appropriate positioners. SZ Elektronik provides suitable M22520 manual crimping tools, pneumatic crimping tools, M22520 crimping pliers and M81969 insertion tools / M81969 extraction tools for all common MIL connectors. Thus, the crimp contacts of manufacturers Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Souriau, Phoenix Contact, and TE Connectivity can be safely and perfectly handled.

Heat shrinkable tubing and heat shrinkable moldings for D-Sub connectors
SZ Elektronik supplies aviation-licensed VG95343 shrink tubing, VG95343 straight shrink moldings. The heat shrink tubing of defence standard VG95343 meet the highest security standards and are delivered by us, often from stock or within a few days.

Cable assemblies with D-Sub connectors
Are you looking for a cable assembly manufacturer, which provides D-Sub MIL and D-Sub standard connectors and ready-made cable assemblies? Then you are right with us! We are the cable assembly with almost 20 years of experience and manufacture cable assemblies according to your needs with different connectors and cables.

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