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VG95343 Heat shrink tubing from Raychem

Heat shrink tubing

VG95343 heat shrink tubing from stock

As a strain relief and for the sealing of all military and industrial circular connectors with molded adapters, SZ Elektronik offers the complete programme of VG9343 heat shrink tubing and of VG95343 shrink form parts. The quality products from TE Connectivity / Tyco / Raychem and HellermanTyton provide the best protection. All these heat shrinking moldings and heat shrinkable tubing allow a dense transition from the cable to the connector. High-quality materials allow the use in different temperature ranges, ensure risk-limiting characteristics, and provide protection against all environmental conditions by an optimal mechanical and thermal resistance. The heat shrink tubing of TE Connectivity / Tyco / Raychem and HellermanTyton are suitable for temperature ranges from -75°C to 260°C and have a shrink ratio from 2:1 to 8:1. They consist of the materials radiation-crosslinked PE, PVDF, elastomers, silicone, ZH and are UL, CSA, VW-1, VG, MIL and PAN specified.

VG95343 heat shrink tubing
SZ Elektronik supply for all popular MIL/Aero connectors and industrial circular connectors also the matching VG95343 heat shrinkable moldings and heat shrink tubing for a perfect sealing.

Heat shrink tubing for the aviation, military, marine and railway
The heat shrink tubing of standard VG95343 are frequently used in the areas of aerospace, military, rail, marine and safety technology, since they meet the highest quality and safety requirements. Also in the shrinking technology SZ Elektronik is your specialist. We offer a wide range of different VG95343 heat shrink tubing. With the heat shrinkable tubing of series ATUM, CGAT, CGPT, RNF100, RNF 3000, RT375, and RW175 we offer the optimum solution for every application. We deliver the VG9343 heat shrink tubing in many lengths and colors, as thin-walled, medium-size-walled and thick-walled versions, fast shrinking, and with adhesive coating. Tell us your demands and we’ll find the suitable heat shrink tubing!

Manufacturers of VG95343 heat shrink tubing
Raychem / TE Connectivity / Tyco, HellermannTyton

VG95343 heat shrink tubing
We supply VG95343 heat shrink tubing also for the shrinkage in areas of industrial electronics, railway, marine, and for aviation connectors according to the specifications PAN (Panavia), ABS (Airbus), BACC (Boeing), ASN-E (Aerospatiale), EN (European Standard) and ESC ( Rolls-Royce). This heat shrink tubing are ideally suited for the MIL/Aero connectors of the military standards MS, MIL-C-26482 I, MIL-C-26482 II, MIL-C-38999 I, MIL-C-38999 II, MIL-C-38999 III, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-83723 III and the defence equipment standards VG95234, VG95328, VG96912 and VG96918.

Areas of application for VG95343 heat shrink tubing
In civil and military aviation, military, defense, railway, aerospace and marine VG95343 heat shrinkable fittings on circular connectors to standards MIL, VG, MS, PAN, ABS, BACC, ASN, EN, and ESC provide for secure sealing between connector and cable. Commonly used in aircrafts, helicopters, ships, railways and satellites.

Applications for VG95343 heat shrink tubing
VG95343 heat shrink tubing are shrunk to many MIL/Aero connectors and industrial connectors. They are used in drives, communication systems, cabin equipment, lighting, sensors for pressure and temperature, radar equipment, chassis, and on-board computers.

VG95343 heat shrink tubing
You’re looking for a cable harness manufacturer, which applies properly heat shrink tubing on adapters for circular connectors and provides ready-made cables. Then you are right with us! We are the cable assembly with almost 20 years of experience and manufacture cable assemblies according to your needs with different connectors and cables.

Typical order numbers for sheat shrink tubing
DR25 1/2-0, DR25 1/4-0, DR25 1/8-0,  DR25 3/8-0, DR25 3/16

Delivery times
as a rule, direct from stock or at very short delivery times

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