System cables and special cables from TE Connectivity

System cables and special cables of Spec44 and Spec55 cables

We are specialized on fast deliveries of military and aviation cables of spec44 and spec55, made by TE Connectivity. SZ Elektronik supplies spec44 and spec55 cables from AWG10 to AWG30 as a single core, screened single core and multicore cable, in the possible core colours black, brown, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey and white, from stock or in short term. We can also supply Flexlite cables and halogen-free Zerohal cables of TE Connectivity. These cables often form the core product for a variety of our system cables and special cables. Even customers from outside the military, aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, marine and railway, can buy custom built system cables made of different cable sheath materials such as AFR, FDR25, Zerohal, Viton and Neoprene. This depends on the required temperature range, abrasion resistance, flexibility, flammability and resistance to chemicals.

VG95218, MIL-C-27500, MIL-C-24640 Cables
Equipped with a wide variety of screen and protective braids, and cable sheaths, these system and special cables can be manufactured with flame-resistant, halogen-free, high flexible and cold-resistant special cables. Our system cables and special cables consist of VG95218, MIL-C-24640 and MIL-C-27500 approved cables and cable sheath materials, and meet the highest standards. They are suitable for temperature ranges from -55°C to +200°C, have a small diameter and a lower weight. Our system cables made of components by TE Connectivity can be optimally combined with the high-quality heat-shrinkable tubing and heat-shrinkable molded parts of TE Connectivity. As a connector specialist, we have a wide range of different MIL/Aero connectors and industrial connectors in stock. We supply system cables individually or as a ready-made cable assembly.

Special cables for the aviation, rail, marine and the military
System cables and special cables supplied by us are used in applications of the military, aviation, aerospace, auto racing, oil industry, rail transport, fire protection and marine. They are found in airplanes, helicopters, racing cars, ships, railroads, and rigs.

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