Kabel Spec44 Spec55-1

Cable Spec 44 from Raychem, Tyco, TE Connectivity

Cable spec 44 from stock

SZ Elektronik is specialized in fast delivery of high-performance cables of spec 44. We supply the spec 44 cables as a single core, screened single core and multicore cable in the wire colors black, brown, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey and white. Cable of spec 44 are produced in the cable cross-sections AWG10 to AWG30. Spec 44 cables are widely used and are suitable for use at high temperatures under extreme ambient conditions and can also be used for operating voltages up to 2500V. Lines and cables of specification 44 have a double coating. The inner insulation layer of cross-linked Polyalken in combination with the outer PVDFcover allow for use at operating temperatures from -65°C to 150°C, as well as self-extinguishing and resistance to most fluids, lubricants, fuels and chemicals.

Shielded and unshielded versions exist as single- and multi-core with tinned copper, silver plated and high-alloyed copper. Additionally the spec 44 cables feature a small size and considerably light weight compared to the PTFE cables according to MIL-W-22759.

Properties of spec 44 cables
Operating temperature: -65 °C to 150 °C
Size range: AWG 10 to AWG 30
Operating voltage: 600 V, 1000 V and 2500 V
High abrasion resistance
Resistant to most chemicals
Excellent thermal and mechanical properties of the insulating
Soldering iron resistant
Good casting properties

Manufacturer of spec 44 cables
TE Connectivity

Application areas of spec 44 cables
Areas of application are industrial and military electronics, aircraft, helicopters, racing cars, avionics, satellite systems, ships, railways, military ground systems and the oil industry.

Applications of spec 44 cables
motors, navigation, communication Systems, radar equipment, measuring instruments, control devices

Cable assemblies with spec 44 cables
Cable assembly of spec 44 cables belongs to the daily business of SZ Elektronik. We can supply spec 44 cables as a stripped single strand with full or partial stripping or stripped as a single strand, twisted and tin-plated. Of course, we assemble the spec 44 cables also crimped or soldered with many MIL/Aero and industrial connectors.

Let’s talk about your requirements! We support you with our know-how!

Examples of order numbers for spec 44 cables
44A0111-10-0, 44A0111-10-1, 44A0111-10-2, 44A0111-10-4, 44A0111-10-45, 44A0111-10-5, 44A0111-10-54, 44A0111-10-6, 44A0111-10-9, 44A0111-12-0, 44A0111-12-1, 44A0111-12-14, 44A0111-12-2, 44A0111-12-3, 44A0111-12-4, 44A0111-12-45, 44A0111-12-5, 44A0111-12-54, 44A0111-12-6, 44A0111-12-7, 44A0111-12-8, 44A0111-12-9, 44A0111-12-9/7, 44A0111-14-0, 44A0111-14-1, 44A0111-14-2, 44A0111-14-3, 44A0111-14-4, 44A0111-14-45, 44A0111-14-5, 44A0111-14-6, 44A0111-14-7, 44A0111-14-8, 44A0111-14-9, 44A0111-16-0, 44A0111-16-1, 44A0111-16-19, 44A0111-16-2, 44A0111-16-24, 44A0111-16-25, 44A0111-16-3, 44A0111-16-4, 44A0111-16-45, 44A0111-16-5, 44A0111-16-54, 44A0111-16-6, 44A0111-16-7, 44A0111-16-8, 44A0111-16-9, 44A0111-16-96, 44A0111-18-0, 44A0111-18-05, 44A0111-18-08, 44A0111-18-1, 44A0111-18-2, 44A0111-18-29, 44A0111-18-3, 44A0111-18-4, 44A0111-18-45, 44A0111-18-5, 44A0111-18-54, 44A0111-18-6, 44A0111-18-7, 44A0111-18-8, 44A0111-18-95, 44A0111-20-0, 44A0111-20-01, 44A0111-20-02, 44A0111-20-04, 44A0111-20-05, 44A0111-20-09, 44A0111-20-1, 44A0111-20-2, 44A0111-20-29, 44A0111-20-3, 44A0111-20-4, 44A0111-20-41, 44A0111-20-45, 44A0111-20-49, 44A0111-20-5, 44A0111-20-54, 44A0111-20-59, 44A0111-20-7, 44A0111-20-8, 44A0111-20-9, 44A0111-22-1, 44A0111-22-10, 44A0111-22-12, 44A0111-22-3, 44A0111-22-45, 44A0111-22-5, 44A0111-22-54, 44A0111-22-6, 44A0111-22-7, 44A0111-22-8, 44A0111-22-90, 44A0111-22-92, 44A0111-22-93, 44A0111-22-96, 44A0111-24-0, 44A0111-24-1, 44A0111-24-2, 44A0111-24-20, 44A0111-24-21, 44A0111-24-26, 44A0111-24-29, 44A0111-24-3, 44A0111-24-30, 44A0111-24-35, 44A0111-24-36, 44A0111-24-376, 44A0111-24-39, 44A0111-24-4, 44A0111-24-40, 44A0111-24-45, 44A0111-24-46, 44A0111-24-47, 44A0111-24-49, 44A0111-24-5, 44A0111-24-50, 44A0111-24-51, 44A0111-24-54, 44A0111-24-6, 44A0111-24-60, 44A0111-24-64, 44A0111-24-7, 44A0111-24-79, 44A0111-24-9, 44A0111-24-90, 44A0111-24-901, 44A0111-24-902, 44A0111-24-9025, 44A0111-24-903, 44A0111-24-906, 44A0111-24-91, 44A0111-24-93, 44A0111-24-94, 44A0111-24-95, 44A0111-24-96