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Pneumatic crimping tool WA22 or WA22P or WA27F including foot pedal and bracket Serie: WA22, WA22P, WA27F Manufacturer: DMC Delivery time: on stock 1.490,- €/pc. netto  

  • AF8 hand crimp plier

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Crimp plier including positioner Series: M22520 Manufacturer: DMC Order number: M22520/1-01 + M22520/1-02 Delivery time: on stock 375,- €/pc. netto


Plug, 66 ways, incl. socket contacts Series: MIL-C-38999, D38999, MIL-DTL-38999 series III, Manufacturer: Amphenol Delivery time: on stock or within a short time 28,-, €/pc. netto


Right angle connector plug, 12-way, pin, with solder contacts Series 8P/8PM Manufacturer: FCI / Souriau Order number: 8PM.V2-12AS007, 8PMV212AS Delivery time: on stock 32,00 €/pc. netto


Right angle plug, 12-way, socket, without contacts, Serie 8P/8PM Series: 8P/8PM Manufacturer: FCI / Souriau / FCI Order number: 8PMV212AS, 8PM.V2-12AS Delivery time: on stock 30,- €/pc. netto


Plug, 6 way, pin contacts Series 8525 Manufacturer:  Souriau 852516R10B6PWH008, 8525.16R.10B6PWH008 Delivery time: on stock 27,00 €/pc. netto 


D-Sub Military 50 ways, socket, crimp Series: 8630,  MIL-C-24308, MIL-DTL-24308 Manufacturer: Souriau Order number: 863050S, 8630-50S, 8630.50S Delivery time: on stock 25,00 €/pc. netto


Crimping plier AF8 Series M22520 Manufacturer DMC Order number: M22520101, AF8, M22520/1-01 Delivery time: on stock 279,00 €/pc. netto


Crimp Tool, M22520/2-01 Serie M22520 Manufacturer DMC Order number: M22520201, AFM8, M22520/2-01 Delivery time: on stock 279,- €/pc. netto

  • M300BT


Crimpzange Serie: M300BT Hersteller: DMC Bestellnummer: M300BT Lieferzeit: ab Lager 355,00 €/Stück netto


Crimping tool HX4 Series M22520 Manufacturer: DMC Order number: M22520501, HX4, M22520/5-01 Delivery time: on stock 279,- €/pc. netto


Insertion tools and extraction tools made of plastic for contact MIL-DTL-38999 size 20 Series: M81969, MIL-I-81969 Manufacturer: DMC Order number: M819691410, M81969/14-10 Delivery time: on stock 1,45 €/pc. netto


Shrink boot, angled Series 222K Manufacturer: TE Connectivity, Tyco / Raychem Order number: 222K132/25-225-0, 222K132252250 Delivery time: on stock 10,- €/pc. netto

  • MIL square flange receptacles

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Flange receptacle, crimp, 19 pol, pin Serie: MIL-DTL-26482 I, MIL-C-26482 I, VG95328 Manufacturer: ITT Cannon Order number: VG95328C1419PN, KPSE02E14-19P, VG95328C14-19PN Delivery time: on stock 18,- €/pc. netto

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