D-Sub connector for aerospace

Connectors for the aerospace – aerospace connectors from stock 

SZ Elektronik also provides many connectors of Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Positronic and Souriau for the aerospace industry. Due to their unique mission, aerospace connectors must comply with particular requirements with regard to their shape, weight, size, and material. Connectors intended for the aerospace must be extremely solid, lightweight, compact and robust. They have to withstand difficult environmental conditions, shock, extreme temperatures and vibration. To be suitable for applications in the space, connectors used for space travel are subject to strict tests by NASA and ESA regarding to outgassing and remanence. During the outgassing process released air is removed from the standard connectors in vacuum furnaces and gas extraction systems, otherwise the materials could become unusable. In the remanence inspection the materials are tested on residual magnetism, thus to avoid errors on board of the spacecrafts and satellites.

Aerospace connectors of Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Positronic and Souriau
For the electronic equipment in the space, we offer a variety of aerospace connectors of Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Positronic and Souriau. This includes MIL-DTL-38999 I, II, III composite connectors and the ESA / SCC connectors of MIL-DTL-38999 class G, which we can offer from Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Souriau and TE Connectivity. We also can offer the non-magnetic D-Sub connectors of MIL-DTL-24308 class M, by ITT Cannon, Positronic and Souriau, as well as the 2M micro miniature connectors of Amphenol.

Manufacturers of aerospace connectors
Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Positronic, Souriau

Application areas of aerospace connectors
In the aerospace and medical technology the approved ESA and SCC circular and rectangular connectors of Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Positronic and Souriau provide for secure connections.

Applications for aerospace connectors
Aerospace connectors of SZ Elektronik are used in spacecrafts, space vehicles, satellites, and medical devices.

Crimping tools for aerospace connectors
SZ Elektronik supplies for all common MIL, aviation and aerospace connectors also the matching manual crimoing tools, insertion and extraction tools. Thus, the crimp contacts of the manufacturers Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Positronic and Souriau can be processed safely and perfectly.

Heat shrinkable tubing and heat shrinkable molded parts for aerospace connectors
SZ Elektronik supply heat shrink tubing and shrinking mouldings, approved for the aerospace. This heat shrink tubing and heat-shrink fittings meet the highest security standards and are delivered by us, often from stock or within a few days.

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