We are the fast and reliable cable assembly manufacturer of ITT Cannon connectors. ITT Cannon is one of the biggest manufacturers of connectors and offers many connector solutions for the civil and military aviation, cars, military, navy, railway, mechanical engineering and communication systems. For more than 22 years we are a supplier and cable assembly manufacturer of MIL/Aero-connectors and industry connectors of ITT Cannon. We use many soldering contacts and crimping contacts of ITT Cannon in different AWG-areas. SZ Elektronik delivers ITT Cannon crimp pliers, ITT Cannon insertion tools, ITT Cannon extraction tools, ITT Cannon crimping tools, shrinking tubes and heat shrinking boots for ITT cannon connectors. For the professional and perfect cable assembling of ITT cannon connectors we have many crimping tools in our own equipment. Already since 1994 we are a cable assembly manufacturer of ITT Cannon connectors and have a big experience with high-quality cable assemblies.

SZ Elektronik – The fast cable assembly manufacturer of ITT Cannon connectors
One of our biggest strengths is the storage and quick obtaining of many ITT Cannon connectors. We also have big and professional equipment with many crimping tools for ITT Cannon connectors. That’s why we are one of the fastest and most reliable cable assembly manufacturers of ITT cannon connectors in the sector. Our assembled ITT cannon connectors are mainly used in farm equipment, cleaning machines, fast trains, tubes, trams, cars, airplanes, ships and lighting systems. Safe and always 100% verified.

Already since 1994 we made many ITT Cannon connectors of these series and standards into cable assemblies:

ITT Cannon KPT connectors, KPTC connectors, KPSE connectors of the MIL-C-26482 G series 1, MIL-DTL-26482 I, NFC93422, HE301B, VG95328, Pattern 105 and 603, BS 9522-F-0017

ITT Cannon PV connectors of the MIL-C26482 G series 2 QPL, MIL-DTL-26482 II

ITT Cannon KJL connectors of the MIL-C-38999 series 1, MIL-DTL-38999 I,
NFC93422, HE308, DTAT-C 5935 X 001

ITT Cannon KJ connectors of the MIL-C-38999 series 2, MIL-DTL-38999 II,
NFC93422, HE309, PAN6433-1, BS 9522-N-0003

ITT Cannon KJB connectors and KJB Composite connectors of the MIL-C-38999 series 3, MIL-DTL-38999 III, EN 3645

ITT Cannon VG95234 connectors and CA bayonet connectors of the VG95234

ITT Cannon VG96912 connectors of the VG96912, PAN6433-2, PATTERN 615

ITT Cannon connectors of the MIL-DTL5015 of the MS3100, MS3101, MS3102, MS3106, MS3108 as CA3100, CA3101, CA3102, CA3106, CA3108 connectors

ITT Cannon connectors of the VG96929

ITT Cannon CA-COM and CA-COM-B connectors following the VG95234 and MIL-DTL-5015

ITT Cannon Trident connectors, ITT Cannon circular connectors, ITT Cannon industry connectors

Cable assembly manufacturer of ITT Cannon connectors in Düsseldorf
We are also a cable assembly manufacturer of connectors of Amphenol, Binder, Burndy, Harting, Harwin, Intercontec, JST, Lemo, Molex, Odu, Phoenix Contact, Preh, Souriau, TE Connectivity and Veam. Of course we advise you with pleasure on the fitting crimping tools, backshells, shrinking tubes and heat shrinking boots. You get all this fast delivered at SZ Elektronik, often from stock!