Backshells for MIL-connectors from stock! We are the specialist for backshells for MIL-connectors and often deliver the backshells in many variations and forms from stock or very quick.

How do I find the fitting backshell for MIL-connectors?
The fitting backshell for Mil-connectors always depends on the connector, the cable section and the demanded cable outlet. There are backshells for tight, leaking, shielded and unshielded demands. SZ Elektronik also has for your demand the optimal solution. We advise you with pleasure.

From which norm are the backshells for MIL-connectors?
Backshells for MIL-connectors are from the MIL-DTL-85049. The part numbers of these backshells start with M85049 or rather AS85049.

Which backshells for MIL-connectors exist?
The product portfolio of SZ Elektronik compromises backshells for MIL-connectors as cable clamps, stress relief, adaptors for heat shrinking boots and shrinking tubes, bandit adaptors for straight connectors, bandit adaptors for angled connectors, single cone adaptor, double cone adaptor, housing end adaptor and quick clamps.

For which MIL/Aero-connectors do I get the backshells at SZ Elektronik?
Often the backshells doesn’t belong to the scope of supply of MIL/Aero-connectors and have to be ordered separately. SZ Elektronik delivers with the MIL-CONNECTORS-EXPRESS service the backshells for many MIL-, VG-, MS-, PAN-, ABS-, BACC-, ASN-, EN- and ESC-connectors.

Who are the market-leading manufacturers of backshells for MIL-connectors?
SZ Elektronik is the supplier for backshells for MIL-connectors. Market-leading manufacturers of backshells for NIL-connectors are Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Glenair, Souriau, Sunbank and TE Connectivity.

Where are the Backshells for MIL/Aero-connectors used?
Backshells for MIL/Aero-connectors are used on MIL-, VG-, MS-, PAN-, ABS-, BACC-, ASN-, EN- and ESC-connectors. You will find them mainly in civil and military airplanes, in aerospace, railways, machines and industrial electronics.

Where do I get the shrinking boots for M85049 backshells and M85049 adaptors for shrinking boots?
SZ Elektronik delivers many shrinking boots for M85049 backshells. Straight or angled. With or without adhesive.

Who assembles MIL-connectors and backshells for MIL-connectors?
SZ Elektronik is experienced in cable assemblies with MIL-connectors and MIL-backshells for more than 22 years and assembles them professional and fast.

Which M85049 backshells for MIL-connectors delivers SZ Elektronik quickly?
M8504914S09W, M850491811W03A, M850491825W07A, M850492710W, M850492714W, M850492720W, M85049281, M850493110W, M850493112W, M850493118W, M850493120W, M850493122W, M850493809N, M850493809W, M850493811N, M850493811W, M850493813N, M850493813W, M850493815N, M850493815W, M850493817N, M850493817W, M850493819N, M850493819W, M850493821N, M850493821W, M850493823N, M850493823W, M850493825N, M850493825W, M8504938S09N, M8504938S09W, M8504938S11N, M8504938S11W, M8504938S13N, M8504938S13W, M8504938S15N, M8504938S15W, M8504938S17N, M8504938S17W, M8504938S19N, M8504938S19W, M8504938S21N, M8504938S21W, M8504938S23N, M8504938S23W, M8504938S25N, M8504938S25W, M8504939S09N, M8504939S09W, M8504939S11N, M8504939S11W, M8504939S13N, M8504939S13W, M8504939S15N, M8504939S15W, M8504939S17N, M8504939S17W, M8504939S19N, M8504939S19W, M8504939S21N, M8504939S21W, M8504939S23N, M8504939S23W, M8504939S25N, M8504939S25W, M85049418A, M8504947N12, M8504947N24, M8504947SW08, M8504947SW10, M8504947SW12, M8504947SW14, M8504947SW16, M8504947SW18, M8504947SW20, M8504947SW22, M8504947SW24, M8504947W10, M850494811F, M850494812F, M850494813F, M850494814F, M850494815F, M850494821F, M850494822F, M850494823F, M850494824F, M850494825F, M850494834F, M850494835F, M8504949208W, M8504949210N, M8504949210W, M8504949212W, M8504949214W, M8504949216N, M8504949216W, M8504949218W, M8504949220W, M8504949222W, M8504949224W, M85049492S08W, M85049492S10W, M85049492S12W, M85049492S14W, M85049492S16W, M85049492S18W, M85049492S20W, M85049492S22W, M85049492S24W, M85049502F, M8504951108N, M8504951108W, M8504951110N, M8504951110W, M8504951112N, M8504951112W, M8504951114N, M8504951114W, M8504951116N, M8504951116W, M8504951118N, M8504951118W, M8504951120N, M8504951120W, M8504951122N, M8504951122W, M8504951124N, M8504951124W, M8504951S08W, M8504951S10A, M8504951S10W, M8504951S12W, M8504951S14A, M8504951S14W, M8504951S16W, M8504951S18W, M8504951S20W, M8504951S22N, M8504951S22W, M8504951S24W, M8504952108N, M8504952108W, M8504952110N, M8504952110W, M8504952112A, M8504952112N, M8504952112W, M8504952114N, M8504952114W, M8504952116N, M8504952116W, M8504952118N, M8504952118W, M8504952120N, M8504952120W, M8504952122N, M8504952122W, M8504952124N, M8504952124W, M8504952128W, M8504952132W, M8504952S08N, M8504952S08W, M8504952S10N, M8504952S10W, M8504952S12N, M8504952S12W, M8504952S14N, M8504952S14W, M8504952S16N, M8504952S16W, M8504952S18N, M8504952S18W, M8504952S20W, M8504952S22N, M8504952S22W, M8504952S24W, M8504952S28W, M8504952S32W, M8504952S36W, M850495308W, M850495310W, M850495312W, M850495314W, M850495316W, M850495318W, M850495320W, M850495322W, M850495324W, M850495508W, M850495510W, M850495512W, M850495514W, M850495516W, M850495518W, M850495520W, M850495522W, M850495524W, M850495608W, M850495610W, M850495612W, M850495614W, M850495616W, M850495618W, M850495620W, M850495622W, M850495624W, M85049601W08, M85049601W10, M85049601W12, M85049601W14, M85049601W16, M85049601W18, M85049601W20, M85049601W22, M85049601W24, M85049601W28, M85049601W32, M85049601W36, M85049602G08W, M85049602G10W, M85049602G12W, M85049602G14W, M850496208W, M850496210W, M850496212W, M850496214W, M850496216W, M850496218W, M850496220W, M850496222W, M850496224W, M850496224WD, M850496308W, M850496310W, M850496312W, M850496314W, M850496316W, M850496318W, M850496320W, M850496322W, M850496324W, M8504963S08W, M850496909N, M850496909W, M850496911N, M850496911W, M850496913W, M850496915W, M850496917W, M850496919W, M850496921W, M850496923W, M850496925W, M850498012, M85049808, M850498208N03, M850498208W03, M850498210N03, M850498210W03, M850498212N02, M850498212N03, M850498212W02, M850498212W03, M850498214N03, M850498214W02, M850498214W03, M850498216N03, M850498216W03, M850498218N03, M850498218W03, M850498220N03, M850498220W02, M850498220W03, M850498222N03, M850498222W03, M850498224N03, M850498224W03, M850498228W03, M850498408W03, M850498410N03, M850498410W03, M850498412N03, M850498412W02, M850498412W03, M850498414N03, M850498414W03, M850498416N03, M850498416W03, M850498418W03, M850498420W03, M850498422W03, M850498424W03, M850498428W03, M850498508W02, M850498510N02, M850498510W02, M850498512W01, M850498512W02, M850498514N01, M850498514W01, M850498514W02, M850498516N01, M850498516W01, M850498516W02, M850498518W01, M850498518W02, M850498520W01, M850498520W02, M850498522W01, M850498522W02, M850498524N01, M850498524W01, M850498524W02, M850498708W03, M850498710W03, M850498712W03, M850498714W03, M850498716W03, M850498718W03, M850498809N03, M850498811N03, M850498811W03, M850498813N03, M850498813W02, M850498813W03, M850498815N03, M850498815W02, M850498815W03, M850498817N03, M850498817W02, M850498817W03, M850498819N03, M850498819W02, M850498819W03, M850498821N03, M850498821W02, M850498821W03, M850498823N03, M850498823W02, M850498823W03, M850498825N03, M850498825W02, M850498825W03, M8504988N, M850498915W03, M850499009N03, M850499009W03, M850499011W03, M850499013N03, M850499013W02, M850499013W03, M850499015N03, M850499015W02, M850499015W03, M850499017N02, M850499017W02, M850499017W03, M850499019W03, M850499021W03, M850499023W03, M850499025W03, M850499113T, M850499115T, M850499117T, M850499119T, M850499123T, M850499213T, M850499215T, M850499217T, M850499304, M850499306, M850499308, M850499310, M850499312, M850499314, M850499316, M850499318, M850499320, M850499322, M850499324.

We also have for your request the fitting backshell for MIL/Aero-connectors!